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CRY2620 basic acoustic camera

CRY2620 Acoustic Imager

  Industrial acoustic cameras help quickly detect air, gas and vacuum leaks in process plants in noisy industrial environments, as well as detect faults in electrical equipment by measuring the degree of incomplete discharge (the CRY2620 basic model is designed only for gas leak detection). The incomplete discharge detection functionality additionally allows to indicate the type of discharge, while the leak detection functionality allows to estimate the type of gas leak and the value of incurred losses. The devices are housed in a rugged aluminum alloy housing, making them durable and resistant to complex and variable operating environments. In most cases, only two parameters need to be adjusted on the CRYSOUND devices to begin leak diagnostics: the test frequency range and the test dynamic range. The devices support acoustic camera mode, video mode and flexible on-site recording. Data is recorded in the device’s internal memory and on a high-capacity TF expansion card. Test results can be quickly exported and a corresponding report can be made.   Crysound Model Options



    • Ease of Use: Only two parameters (test frequency range and test dynamic range) need adjustment to begin detection.
    • Functionality: Allows recording of test results with photos, audio, and video, which can be tagged directly within the imager.
    • Efficiency: Features a high frame rate of 25 FPS and a wide 62° field of view.
    • Interference Resistance: Uses advanced anti-interference algorithms and an integrated focus function.
    • 128 MEMS versions come with a PRPD (Phase Resolved Partial Discharge) mapping function for early fault diagnosis of electrical systems.
    • Intelligence: Detects gas leaks from a distance and estimates leak volume in real-time.
    • Durability: Constructed from a robust aluminum alloy shell.
    • Accuracy: Offers high leak detection rates and automatic distance calculation during leak detection.
    • Specifications: Detailed acoustic, display, storage, software, power, interface, operating environment, and general specifications are provided.
    • Supported Languages: English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

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