A4500-VA5Pro- 4-channel Vibration analyzer

4-channel Vibration analyzer- A4500 VA5Pro



with Less weight, Rubber protected casing, Camera, Thermal imaging camera and more…

Enjoy huge touchscreen to analyze your machinery on site.
Measure 4 vibration signal channels and 4 process value channels (temperature, pressure etc.) along with speed synchronously. Triaxial sensor friendly, proximity probes for displacement measurement ready, balancer, octave analysis, bump test, ODS, MCSA – you name it …



Main menu:

  • Vibration analyzer
  • Balancer
  • RAW signal recorder
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Machine faults autodetection
  • Route data collector
  • Sound analyzer
  • MCSA
  • Operating Defl ection Shapes
  • Ultrasound detector
  • Run Up – Coast down
  • Lubrication monitoring
  • Stethoscope






  • 4 AC inputs for vibration measurement
  • 4 DC inputs for process values measurement
  • Tacho input (speed/trigger).



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