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HS-150RT Premium Accelerometer with Pt100 temperature output

HS-150RT Premium Accelerometer with Pt100 temperature output

Vibration Monitoring with Hansford Sensors Range of AC 100mV/g accelerometers is designed for use with all types of data collectors and online systems using two-wire constant current method of drive.  The range includes standard, high performance premium and OEM accelerometers, each manufactured to the highest ISO standards and backed by our outstanding technical customer support services.   Key Features:
  • Fast settling times 1 sec
  • Temperature (Pt100) and vibration outputs
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Various mountings
  • Low cost cable assembly
  Typical Applications: Fans, pumps, motors, gearboxes, compressore, centrifuges, conveyors, Air handlers, rolls, dryers, presses, cooling, VAC, spindles, machine tooling, process equipment  
Technical Performance
Mounted Base Resonance: see ‘How To Order’ table
Sensitivity: see: ‘How To Order’ table ± 10% Nominal 80Hz at 22°C
Frequency Response: 1.5Hz (90cpm) to 10kHz (600kcpm) ± 5%
0.5Hz (30cpm) to 12kHz (720kcpm) ± 10%
0.2Hz (12cpm) to 15kHz (900kcpm) ± 3dB
Isolation: Base isolated
Range: see: ‘How To Order’ table
Temperature Output: Pt100 (100 Ohms)
Transverse Sensitivity: Less than 5%
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Sensing Element/Construction: PZT/Compression
Mounting Torque: 8Nm
Weight: 140gms (nominal)
Screened Cable Assembly: HS-Ac010 – straight
HS-AC011 – right angle
Mounting Threads: see: ‘How To Order’ table
Electrical Noise: 0.1mg max
Current Range: 0.5mA to 8mA
Bias Voltage: 10 – 12 Volts DC
Settling Time: 1 seconds
Output Impedance: 200 Ohms max.
Case Isolation: >108 Ohms at 500 Volts
Operating Temperature Range: -55 to 130°C
Sealing: IP68
Maximum Shock: 5000g
EMC: EN61326-1:2013
  Typical Frequency Response (at 100mV/g):
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