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CMCP420VT Loop-Powered Vibration Transmitter

CMCP420VT Loop-Powered Vibration Transmitter


Key features:

  • Integral Sensor
  • 4-20 mA Output
  • Dynamic Signal OutputCMCP420VT Approval Label
  • UL and CSA Approved Class 1, Division 2, Group B-D
  • CE Approved
  • RoHS Compliant.
    The CMCP420VT is a solid state, loop powered vibration transmitter. It provides a 4-20 mA output that is proportional to overall vibration in terms of velocity. The CMCP420VT continuously monitors machinery health and transmits directly into a PLC or DCS for trending, alarm and machine shutdown. In addition, the CMCP420VT provides access to the dynamic transducer output. Portable data collector/analyzers can be utilized for detailed machine fault analysis.    

Technical Specs:

Output: 4-20 mA proportional to full scale Velocity
Frequency Response: 2-2,000 Hz
Buffered Output: Acceleration, 100 mV/g
Accuracy: ± 5%
Power (Two wire loop power): + 22 to + 36 Vdc
Maximum Load: RLmax = (Vs – 14 – Vd) / .02
RL= Load Resistance
Vs= DC Supply Voltage
Vd= Display Voltage: 5.0 Vdc for LED, 2.0 for LCD, 0.0 Vdc for no display
The recommended RL for most installations is: 250 Ohms or 100 Ohms, @ Vs = 24 Vdc
Grounding: Case Isolated
Operating Temperature: -20º C to +80º C
Sealing: Epoxy Encapsulated
Enclosure: SS, NEMA 4, 4X, 12
Mounting: 1/4″-28 UNF Stud
Mounted Weight: 8 oz. (without display)
UL and CSA Approved Class 1, Division 2, Group B-D
CE Approved
RoHS Compliant

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