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CMCP575 Universal Input Speed Transmitter

Universal Input Speed Transmitter CMCP575


Key features:

  • Universal Sensor Input
  • Proximity Probe Compatible
  • Any Counts per Turn
  • Speed/RPM Output
  • Low Speed Response
  • 0.031 Hz to 38 KHz Response
  • Smart Touch™ Calibration
  • ±0.1% Accuracy
  • Fast Update
  • mA or VDC Output
  • DIN Rail Mount.
The CMCP-575 Speed Transmitters are compatible with proximity probe or Hall effect inputs, they provide a 4-20 mA output proportional to the overall measurement. Each unit provides power for the associated transducer, processes the signal, and outputs a 4-20 mA dc current that is proportional to a user specified range such as 0-1,000 RPM. Combining transmitters with an existing PLC or DCS system results in a high density, low cost monitoring system.
Custom Input and Output Configurations Available On Request.
Displays And Assemblies: Various display options, NEMA and explosion-proof enclosures, and assembled multi-channel systems are available. Consult your sales representative. Mounting: 32mm (G Style) or 35mm (T Style) DIN Rail.  

Technical Specifications:

Input Signals
Voltage (Amplitude): 10 mV-100 Vrms (0-5kHz); 50 mV to 50 Vrms (1 kHz to 38 kHz)
Contact: Dry, 2 mA @ 24 VAC rating
Frequency Range: 0-0.031 Hz to 0-38 kHz full scale
Output Signals
Type: 4-20 mA DC; 0-20 mA DC; 0-10 mA DC; 0-1 mA DC; 1-5 VDC; 0-5 VDC; 0-10 VDC
V Supply: 15 to 42 VDC
I out: 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA
V supply: 15, 24, 36, 42
 R(ohms): 500, 950, 1550, 1850
Calibrated Accuracy: ±0.1%
Independent Linearity: ±0.025% max
Repeatability: ±0.005% max., ±0.002% typ.
Zero TC: ±0.005% of span max/°C
Span TC: ±0.005% of span max/°C
Load Effect: ±0.005% zero to full load
Output Ripple: 10 mV P/P maximum
Response Time: 350 milliseconds (10 to 90% step response)
Bandwidth: (-3 db): 120 Hz output response
Temperature Range: -25° to 185°F (-31° to 85°C) operating; -40° to 200°F (-40° to 93°C) storage
Power Supply Effect: ±0.005% of span, max.
Isolation: Input/output/case: 1000 VDC or 600 VAC
Note: All accuracies are given as a % of span.  
15 to 42 VDC: 28 mA typical; 33 mA maximum
Reverse polarity and transient protection included
Electrical Classification: General purpose
Connection: Screw, compression type, accepts up to 14 AWG
Controls: Input SPAN and ZERO push buttons, Input Hsyteresis potentiometer, Output Span and Zero potentiometers
Mounting: DIN rail
Weight: 4 oz. (115 grams)
Housing: Rugged Krilen for protection against corrosion, moisture and dust

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