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OilHealth® Probe

Oil Quality Series

The OilHealth Probe sensor is an online oil degradation level monitoring system. The sensor is based on optical principles and allows to monitor the oil degradation even in non recirculating systems or with a very low fluid flow. It can also provide information about the risk of varnish presence.
  • Degradation
  • Humidity PPM  (OilMoisture & OilHealth Probe Max)
  • Fluid temperature
  • Humidity % (OilMoisture & OilHealth Probe Max)


The OilHealth Probe sensor main advantage is that it can be installed directly in the lubrication system or oil tank, providing a direct measurement without any lubrication system by-pass and simplifying the sensor machine integration.  


The application of the sensor is transversal, as it can be installed in different types of machinery.  


Power supply 24 VDC Current consumption < 100 mA Connectivity (Digital: Modbus RTU (RS485) Wireless: Upon request Output: Oil Degradation (%) / Raw values, Oil temperature output / Resolution 0,2°C, Sensor temperature output Oil pressure: Up to 630 cSt Operation Temperature: From 0°C to 80°C Viscosity Range: Up to 680 cSt Hydraulic Thread: BSPT Conical ½’’ Materials: Aluminium (optional: Steel), Viton sealing, BK7 optics Protection Class: IP65 Certification CE

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