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CMCP700S-RV Relative Vibration Transmitter

CMCP700S-RV Relative Vibration Transmitter


Key features:

  • Proximity System Input
  • Displacement (mils/um) Output
  • -24VDC Created Onboard
  • English or Metric Selectable
  • Peak to Peak Detection
  • Slimline Din Rail Mounted
  • Power On with Red LED Indication
  • Buffered Output on Terminal
  • 5 Selectable Ranges.
  The CMCP700S-RV (Relative Vibration Transmitter) accepts a Proximity Probe Sensor Input and creates -24 VDC onboard for sensor power. Standard input is 200 mv/mil (7.87 mv/um) and the CMCP700S-RV provides an output in Displacement (mils, um). Signal Detection is “Peak to Peak”.

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