Kongres Użytkowników Pomp 2019

XXV Congress of Pump Users – 16-17. May 2019, Legnica, Poland

We would like to invite you to our stand during the Congress of Pump Users, which will be held on 16-17. May in Legnica.

During the conference we will show you a vibration sensors, accelerometers, continuous online monitoring system – VIMS VS-4 with exceptional functionality, a wide range of Adash vibration analyzers, the easy-to-use A4900 Vibio M, A4300 VA3 Pro with balancing and ultrasound, to advanced VA4400 VA4 Pro, Lubri precision lubrication equipment and condition monitoring pod – CMP–  very simple and effective methods of detecting tribological wear and we will give a presentation about first non-contact Motion Amplification device – Iris M from RDI Technologies.