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Seminarium Politechnika Rzeszowska

Seminar – 15.03.2019 Rzeszów University of Technology

Thank you for participating in the seminar at organized by the Rzeszów University of Technology.

We presented the IRIS M set, which allows recording and enhancing motion invisible to the human eye. It allows you to observe invisible defects of machines and structures.

At the end of the seminar we presented the practical application of the device. The station for testing the gears has been analyzed. Each of the seminar participants had the opportunity to see how the Motion Amplification™ software works on a real model. An easy-to-understand film of enhanced motion was created that allowed for instant detection of irregularities. All you need is just a few seconds record to create a movie that will show amplified motion.


IRIS M measured deformations, displacements, motion and vibrations that the human eye can not see.


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