VS-4 Vibro Concept

VS-4 Vibro Concept 



Key Features:


  • Plug&Predict® Techology, conect the device and predict failures immediately
  • The device is fully ready to connect, supplied with mounting elements, sensors and central unit
  • Compatible with: Siemens, Rockwell Automation, ABB, Mitsubishi, Schneider, B&R and others
  • Alarm Levels Assistant will advise you of the optimal alarm levels to the current wear state of the machine
  • Identification- 3 levels of privileges: GUEST, OPERATOR, ADMIN
  • Simple operation thanks to the color touch panel
  • Ability to save and export sampled at high frequency data for in-depth analysis
  • Remote acces– mobile application
  • Compliance with standard ISO 20816 (10816-3)



The VS-4 is a reliable vibration monitoring system with rich functionality, ease-of-use and Plug&Predict® technology that delivers maximum benefits with minimum user involvement, extremely simple installation and low cost of equipment.


Unique algorithms detect failures of rotary machines with fixed and variable RPMs. On display clear bar graphs will show you then:

✓ unbalanced rotor

✓ misalignment of the assembly

✓ loose and structural cracks

✓ problems with foundation

✓ the condition of the rolling bearings and the lubrication

✓ cavitation in pumps

✓ many other malfunctions.

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